1/2 Beef - Call for pricing - (517) 214-3298

1/2 Beef - Call for pricing - (517) 214-3298

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To fill your freezer with all of your favorite cuts of beef for the very best value, this is the way to go. With the purchase of a 1/2 beef, you can create your own custom order with over 250 pounds of whichever cuts of beef are most preferred for your family. It doesn't get more "farm-to-table" than this!


You will receive approximately 25 Lbs of Premium Steaks (Ribeye, Porterhouse, or T-bone), 25 or Grill Cuts Lbs of Steaks (Sirloin, Flank, Picanha or Round), 45 Lbs of Roasts( Loin Tip, Brisket, Rump, Arm, or Chuck) & a mix of 105 Lbs of Ground, Spare Ribs, & Stew Meat.


Once you submit your deposit and process your order for your Premium Reserve Whole, Half or Quarter beef, we will give you a call to confirm your order and send you an email with information about the steer you are buying.


STEP 1: Beef goes to Jerome Country Market (https://www.jeromecountrymarketllc.com) and will be registered under your name. Your beef carefully ages for approximately 10-14 days.

STEP 2: Jerome Country Market will contact you for your cutting order.


You can submit your cutting order directly through the butcher's website:            https://www.jeromecountrymarketllc.com/ 

STEP 3. Jerome Country Market will confirm the hanging weight of your beef and will call you when your meat is ready to be picked up! You will pay Jerome separately for processing at pick up. 

*$200 down payment is required upon ordering, then the remainder of the balance is due prior to pick-up from Jerome Country Market.

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