We Feed the Animals, You Feed Your Family

Our animals are born and raised on our family farm in Litchfield, Michigan. Our cows are fed a high-quality diet that is monitored by our nutritionist on a weekly basis. We let them out to roam the pasture when the weather is conducive to do so, and otherwise house them in free-stall barns that are bedded weekly with fresh, clean beach sand and free-range access to food and water whenever they please.

We process our retail butchered beef through a small, family-owned, USDA-inspected processor in Scotts, Michigan. It is hung to dry-age for approximately 10-14 days before cutting and packaging takes place.

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How do pickup days work?

Come to the farm on your scheduled date and time and you will be greeted by someone from our team. It’s best to bring a copy of your order confirmation (or have it accessible on your phone) in order to help us speed up the process. Depending on the weather, it may also be a good idea to bring a cooler to keep your products fresh on their journey to your home.

How is my meat packaged?

All items come frozen and individually packaged in a vacuum sealed pack for freshness.

Do I need to keep my beef frozen?

As a rule of thumb, beef is good in your refrigerator for 3-4 days, though it will likely last much longer and even gain flavor and tenderness with age as long as it’s kept between 30-34 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not intend to consume it within a few days, your beef will stay fresh in the freezer for about six months. Though vacuum-sealed beef will last 2-3 years in the freezer, it will lose some flavor if it’s stored in excess of six months.

How should I thaw my beef from its frozen state?

The best way to thaw beef is to place it on a tray and stick it in the refrigerator for about 12 hours, or longer for thicker cuts of meat. If you need to thaw it more rapidly, your best option is to place the vacuum-sealed package in cold water for around 45 minutes. You should only use the microwave as a last resort.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit/debit cards or PayPal for your online orders.

Are your products USDA inspected?

Yes! All of our retail products go through one of the safest inspections the United States Department of Agriculture can provide. Keep in mind, if you buy a share of the cow (Quarter, half, or Whole) federal law does not require a USDA inspection and can be butchered at Jerome Country Market.

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