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The porterhouse is the bigger, more premium brother of the "T-Bone" steak. It is much thicker and has much more of the tenderloin ,relative to the loin portion. 

Porterhouse steaks are not often sold at supermarkets because they are expensive and usually served at restaurants. We are selling restaurant-grade steaks, the same steaks you will find in any high-end steakhouse.

Recommended Doneness: Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well

Best Cooked: Grilled, Cast-Iron, Oven

The best thing about the porterhouse is that it is a forgiving steak. You can pretty much cook it any way you would like. We recommend adding some butter in the center of the steak a few minutes before removing from the grill. 

Suggested Reads on cooking Porterhouse:

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The Porterhouse is a large, tender steak full of flavor. It is a cut of steak that includes part of the tenderloin and the top loin steak. The steak includes a "T" shaped bone.

Average size is 30 ounces. Please note that actual weights can vary by about 10%.

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