Ground Beef (5 lb packages)

Ground Beef (5 lb packages)

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Did you know that ground beef is the most popular type of beef sold in the US? Now you do.

Not all ground beef is equal. The majority of ground beef today comes pre-ground from gigantic meat processors. The likelihood of contamination is far greater and accounts for the recall over large geographic areas of beef products from time to time. Our ground beef comes from cattle which we have nurtured for all of their lives.

It makes sense--there are so many dishes you can prepare with ground beef! Burgers, Bolognese, Meatballs, Tacos, Ziti, Chili, Meatloaf... heck you can just toss it on the skillet and it will be great.

BECAUSE of that, we set out to provide some of the MOST amazing tasting ground beef out there.  

Our ground beef is lean and tasty. And because of the dry-aging process, you get the full pound that you pay for! Does not get much better than that.