1/2 Beef - Call for pricing - (517) 214-3298

1/2 Beef - Call for pricing - (517) 214-3298

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To fill your freezer with all of your favorite cuts of beef for the very best value, this is the way to go. With the purchase of a 1/2 beef, you can create your own custom order with over 250 pounds of whichever cuts of beef are most preferred for your family. It doesn't get more "farm-to-table" than this!


You will receive approximately 25 Lbs of Premium Steaks (Ribeye, Porterhouse, or T-bone), 25 or Grill Cuts Lbs of Steaks (Sirloin, Flank, Picanha or Round), 45 Lbs of Roasts( Loin Tip, Brisket, Rump, Arm, or Chuck) & a mix of 105 Lbs of Ground, Spare Ribs, & Stew Meat.


Once you submit your deposit and process your order for your Premium Reserve Whole, Half or Quarter beef, we will give you a call to confirm your order and send you an email with information about the steer you are buying.


STEP 1: Beef goes to Jerome Country Market (https://www.jeromecountrymarketllc.com) and will be registered under your name. Your beef carefully ages for approximately 10-14 days.

STEP 2: Jerome Country Market will contact you for your cutting order.


You can submit your cutting order directly through the butcher's website:            https://www.jeromecountrymarketllc.com/ 

STEP 3. Jerome Country Market will confirm the hanging weight of your beef and will call you when your meat is ready to be picked up!

*$200 down payment is required upon ordering, then the remainder of the balance is due prior to pick-up from Jerome Country Market.

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